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Tata ULTRA 1918.T BS6: Redefining Power, Performance, and Profitability in Modern Trucking


The logistics industry in India is currently witnessing unprecedented growth, and businesses are constantly seeking new ways to enhance their operations and raise the bar for performance, comfort, and class. In this dynamic landscape, the Tata ULTRA 1918.T BS6 emerges as a game-changer. This medium-duty truck, with its advanced features and innovative design, offers a unique customer proposition called the “Power of 6.” Let’s delve into the key aspects of the Tata ULTRA 1918.T BS6, including its enhanced performance, cost-effectiveness, comfort, connectivity, and peace of mind.

Power of Enhanced Performance:

The Tata ULTRA 1918.T BS6 is equipped with a technologically advanced TATA 5.0L Turbotronn BS6 engine. This 4-cylinder engine, featuring a 2-mode Fuel Economy Switch and Gear Shift Advisor, ensures optimal power delivery and fuel efficiency. The drivetrain is designed for high economy, allowing businesses to maximize their operational profitability while reducing fuel expenses.

Power of Total Cost of Ownership:

Tata Motors understands the importance of managing costs in the logistics industry. The ULTRA 1918.T BS6 offers an impressive payload capacity of 12,000+ kg (on 20ft HSD), making it a segment leader in its category. By combining a strong yet lean design with fuel-efficient technology, this truck minimizes operational expenses and enhances the total cost of ownership for businesses.

Power of Comfort and Convenience:

The ULTRA 1918.T BS6 prioritizes driver comfort, ensuring a pleasant and productive working environment. The new-generation ULTRA Cabin, available in both SLP and NSLP versions, offers a range of features and configurations. With options like blower and AC, tilt and telescopic steering, and a high-speed USB charging port, this truck caters to the comfort and convenience needs of drivers, enabling them to perform at their best.

Power of Choice:

Tata Motors understands that every business has unique requirements. To cater to diverse needs, the ULTRA 1918.T BS6 offers two value feature pack options: Cx and Lx. These options allow customers to select the specific features that enhance fuel economy, productivity, safety, and driving comfort. Additionally, the truck provides a range of application-specific fully built options, such as HSD, DSD, FSD, Container, Reefer, and customizable special applications, ensuring that businesses can tailor the truck to their specific operational needs.

Power of Connectivity:

In the digital age, connectivity is paramount for effective fleet management. The ULTRA 1918.T BS6 comes equipped with new-generation telematics, enabling advanced features for fleet, trip, and business management. This connectivity ensures real-time monitoring, efficient route planning, and optimized vehicle utilization, leading to improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

Power of Total Peace of Mind:

Tata Motors stands by its commitment to customer satisfaction and peace of mind. The ULTRA 1918.T BS6 comes with a 6-year or 6 lakh km driveline warranty, along with electronic anti-fuel theft and telematics-enabled fuel theft monitoring. These features provide assurance, reliability, and savings in terms of maintenance costs, fuel expenses, and operational downtime.


The Tata ULTRA 1918.T BS6 is a remarkable addition to the modern-day trucking landscape in India. With its powerful performance, cost-effectiveness, comfort, connectivity, and peace of mind, it delivers an extraordinary experience for businesses and drivers alike. The ULTRA 1918.T BS6 is not just a truck; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to achieve higher profitability, productivity, and operational efficiency. Tata Motors continues to raise the bar, ensuring that the ULTRA 1918.T BS6 remains the stellar performer in the logistics industry, delivering extraordinary style, power, comfort, mileage, payload, and profits.

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