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TATA SIGNA 2830.K/TK SRT – Power Redefined and Various Applications

In the world of heavy-duty tippers that cater to difficult terrains and demanding work environments, the TATA SIGNA 2830.K/TK SRT emerges as an unrivalled powerful machine. It is specifically designed to excel in applications involving quarry to crusher as well as transportation of aggregates on surfaces and road construction The tipper offers flexibility, high performance, and high reliability, setting new standards in the market.

Tipper’s Multiple Applications

Design & Versatility

The TATA SIGNA 2830.K/TK SRT is precisely designed and built to provide flexibility, which ensures uninterrupted and stable operation across various applications. It is specifically designed to perform in situations that require robustness as well as agility and efficiency.

Power & Performance Dynamics

It is powered by the impressive CUMMINS ISBe 6.7L BS6 compliant engine, the tipper’s high-performance drivetrain offers not only a faster Turn-Around Time (TAT) as well, but increases the number of trips, thus ensuring greater profits through improved performance.

Technological Advancements

It is equipped with a range of cutting-edge technology features like the three-mode fuel economy switch, engine brake as well as Hill Start Assist (HSA) The TATA SIGNA 2830.K/TK SRT enhances efficiency, improves fuel efficiency and reduces maintenance expenses. These features are an evidence of the efficiency of the tipper and its capability to cut operational costs.

Safety & Comfort

Its SIGNA cabin offers a comfortable and spacious working space for the driver and encourages fatigue-free operation. The combination of convenience and comfort does not make it less secure; features such as the corrosion-free HDPE fuel tank, the ability to prevent theft of fuel, vertical exhaust and numerous safety devices make it the ideal option for companies that value security and safety.

Connectivity and Customizability

The tipper’s options for customization together with the variety of Cx/Lx options, allows companies to choose the perfect partner that is tailored to their specific operational requirements. In addition, real-time tracking of vehicles geo-fencing, geo-fencing, consumption monitoring and anti-fuel theft features emphasize the connectivity aspect, showing the tipper’s versatility and ability to adapt to the latest technological advances.

Experience the TATA Motors Experience

In keeping with the “POWER OF choosing” concept, TATA Motors offers a variety of options that are fully built as well as a variety of services like AMC, FMS, and services for driver welfare as part of Sampoorna Seva. The comprehensive suite of services ensures an all-encompassing and stress-free experience for customers, further confirming TATA Motors’ commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence.


The TATA SIGNA 2830.K/TK SRT stands as an important revolutionary shift in the field of tippers that are heavy-duty. The combination of performance, power and versatility, as well as comfort and safety puts it in an entirely new level and redefines the standards of reliability, efficiency and profit in Quarry applications to crushers and surface transportation of aggregates, and road construction.

For companies looking for a stable multi-faceted, flexible, and highly efficient solution that can navigate difficult terrains while maximizing efficiency The TATA SIGNA 2830.K/TK SRT emerges as the ideal choice. Its dedication to efficiency, power and efficiency makes it a crucial asset in the field of high-performance transportation solutions.

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