Roshan TATA Commercial Vehicle

The Powerhouse TATA LPT2823 At Roshan Motors Jaipur

In the foundation of industries that rely on transportation TATA LPT 2823/SIGNA 2823.T is an undisputed powerhouse to be reckoned with. Roshan Motors, situated in the middle of Jaipur is an engineering marvel that is designed to change the realm of heavy-duty transportation.

A Sneak Peek inside the Powerhouse

Model & Weight Capacity

The TATA LPT2823/SIGNA 2823.T is tall and impressive with the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 28000 kg that indicates its durability in handling large loads of cargo.

Engine Dynamics

It is built around at the heart of it is a Cummins 5.6L BS VI OBD II engine, which is packed with pure power. With a capacity of 5635 cc it’s roaring with life with a stunning Maximum Power at 169 Kilowatts 2300 r/min and a maximum Torque that is 925Nm 1000-1600 r/min. This blend between power and accuracy guarantees that the engine is efficient even under the most difficult conditions.

Clutch and Transmission

The car is fully functional with an organic clutch with a diameter of 395 and is complemented by G750(68WB)/G950 transmission. G750(68WB)/G950 transmission, which ensures the vehicle is responsive and smooth.

Axles & Suspension

Front Axle: extra heavy-duty Forged 7T Beam Reverse Elliot Type coupled with the RA-110LD at the RFWD and RA 909 for RRWD provides stability even while bearing massive loads. This Parabolic leaf suspension front as well as the Semi-elliptical multi-leaf rear suspensions enhance the performance of the vehicle. They provide an even and smooth ride.

Frame and Build

Based on a solid Ladder Type Heavy-Duty Frame (285 65x 8.5) This beast promises reliability and durability vital for the stress of long-haul trips.

CAB/COWL and Tyres

Its Signa Cab/Cowl options and 295/90R20 Radial Tube Tyres offer an enthralling blend of safety and comfort for drivers that ensures a safe and safe driving experience.

Ventilation & Fuel Efficiency

The range of Blower/AC options can be adapted to different conditions. The HDPE capacity of 365L (Plastic Tank) Tank capacity for fuel guarantees plenty of fuel for long trips, and ensures the highest efficiency with no compromise.

Customizable Deck and Configuration

Deck length options range from 22ft to 32ft, and an option of 6×2 it offers the flexibility to accommodate a variety of needs for cargo. Wheelbase options (48WB 56WB, 58WB, 60WB, and 68WB) enhance its flexibility.

An initial ground clearance of 248mm just below Rear Axle Dome signifies its capability to navigate through a variety of terrains with no difficulty

About Roshan Motors

Roshan Motors is a well-known establishment in Jaipur’s automobile industry is a shining example of excellence in providing modern vehicles that surpass standards set by industry experts. Their commitment to providing the highest quality and performance is a perfect fit with the legacy of TATA’s reliability and ingenuity.


In the world of heavy-duty transport TATA LPT 2823/SIGNA 2823.T that is offered by Roshan Motors is an example of technological excellence as well as robust engineering and unquestionable dependability. It’s more than just a car but also a commitment to effectiveness power, endurance, and strength and promises to become the foundation of many industries that rely on reliable transport solutions.

The combination of TATA’s engineering expertise along with Roshan Motors’ dedication to customer satisfaction makes it the ideal choice for businesses looking for a reliable partner in their logistical challenges.

If you’re looking for a vehicle with a lot of power and long-lasting durability The TATA LPT2823/SIGNA 2823.T by Roshan Motors is more than an automobile, but an unbeatable performance and reliability in the field of heavy-duty transport.

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