Roshan TATA Commercial Vehicle

TATA SIGNA 5530.S: Powerful, Efficient and Comfortable

In the realm of commercial vehicles, the TATA SIGNA 5530.S stands tall, embodying power, efficiency, and driver-centric design.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and features that set new benchmarks of performance and comfort in its industry segment.

Cummins ISBe 6.7L Engine

At the core of SIGNA 5530.S lies an engine of exceptional power: Cummins ISBe 6.7L is widely considered one of the world’s best-selling engines, producing 300HP and 1100Nm torque – an unmatched power-to-weight ratio enabling unmatched performance across various applications. Furthermore, adaptive features like 3-Mode Fuel Economy Switch and Gear Shift Advisor enhance fuel efficiency to new heights; setting benchmarks within commercial vehicle domain.

Smooth and Efficient Power Transfer with G1150 9S Transmission

Equipped with the G1150 9S transmission and a large organic clutch measuring 430mm in diameter, the SIGNA 5530.S ensures smooth and efficient power transfer while also contributing to reduced maintenance and greater operational reliability.

Variants for Excellence: CX and LX The SIGNA 5530.S offers CX and LX variants which demonstrate world-class performance and safety features, from Hill Start Assist to Truck Hub Unit and Engine Brakes – each variant was meticulously designed to deliver unrivaled performance and safety, meeting diverse operational requirements.

Driver-Centric Design for an Outstanding Cab Experience

The innovative designs of SIGNA range extends into its 5530.S cabin space. It is thoughtfully planned with improved ergonomics and noise, vibration and Harshness levels (NVH) levels creating an environment designed around driver comfort. AC and ventilation options allow drivers to work fatigue free during long hauls increasing productivity and overall satisfaction levels.

Revolutionizing Commercial Vehicle Standards
The TATA SIGNA 5530.S is more than just another commercial vehicle; it stands as a testament to innovation and excellence. Boasting an engine boasting top performance alongside advanced transmission technology, as well as offering driver comfort that sets new benchmarks in its class, this vehicle sets new standards across its respective industry.

TATA SIGNA 5530.S Heralds a New Era of Commercial Vehicles Boasting power, efficiency, safety features and driver comfort – TATA Motors’ SIGNA 5530.S sets a new benchmark in commercial vehicle innovation. Not just an ordinary vehicle; this statement vehicle embodies their dedication to pushing performance limits while revolutionizing driving experiences for commercial vehicle operators.

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