Roshan TATA Commercial Vehicle

TATA SIGNA 2830.K/TK SRT Tipper for Versatility and Performance

In the realm of heavy-duty vehicles, the TATA SIGNA 2830.K/TK SRT stands as a formidable force, catering to a diverse array of applications such as quarry-to-crusher operations, surface transportation of aggregates, and road construction activities.

Versatility Redefined: Applications and Capabilities

At its heart lies strength: quarry-to-crusher applications. Their robustness and efficiency shine in their ability to transport materials effortlessly between quarries and crushers for optimized productivity. It is built for ease of operation with seamless transportation of material flow between them both, creating efficient workflow and increasing productivity levels across a facility

Surface Transport

Tippers offer efficient transport of aggregates across various surfaces. Their high-performance features enable smooth and reliable material movement for greater operational efficiency

Road Construction Activities

In road construction, this tipper stands out as the undisputed champion. Specifically designed to meet the challenges associated with road-building, its unique combination of reliability, power, and agility streamlines the building process considerably.

Unleashing Performance with Engineering Excellence

At the core of TATA SIGNA 2830.K/TK SRT lies its innovative engineering design and performance-focused features.

Powered by the powerful Cummins ISBe 6.7L BS6 compliant engine, this tipper demonstrates both power and efficiency. With its heavy-duty drivetrain ensuring faster turnaround time (TAT), increased trips, and enhanced revenue generation.

Advanced Technological Features

Adding cutting-edge technological features like the 3-mode Fuel Economy Switch, Engine Brake, and Hill Start Assist (HSA) elevates its performance standards. These innovations work seamlessly with world-class aggregates like heavy-duty driveline, reinforced chassis frame, and long-lasting iCGT brakes; providing superior performance with increased fuel economy, enhanced productivity, reduced maintenance costs and superior results.

Comfort, Convenience and Safety: A Driver-Centric Approach

SIGNA Cabin: Haven of Comfort SIGNA cabin’s ergonomically designed is tailored for maximum driver comfort, providing an environment free of fatigue for an enhanced driving experience and faster earnings growth. The result? Increased productivity and increased earnings potential!

The tipper is equipped with numerous safety features, such as its corrosion-free HDPE fuel tank with anti-fuel theft measures and vertical exhaust, along with other safeguards that make it a reliable and secure option for businesses, assuring both its passengers and cargo remain safe at all times. These components make this vehicle reliable and secure choice.

Safety Features and Durability

Tailor Your Solutions to Business Needs with Choice and Connectivity: Maximizing Efficiency
TATA SIGNA 2830.K/TK SRT offers a selection of fully built options that enable businesses to meet specific business requirements. Furthermore, Cx/Lx features empower users to personalize the tipper so it perfectly satisfies them and their organization.

TATA SIGNA 2830.K/TK SRT tipper is more than just an ordinary tipper; it’s an innovative powerhouse of performance and reliability that meets diverse industry demands – providing efficiency, profitability, and an effortless operational experience for businesses of any kind. Selecting this model represents an investment in your future success!

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